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Clients Finished 10 Steps to Launching a Blessed-Based Business

(updated 08/05/2017)


I)  The Business Plan: 

blankbusinessplan.docx Blank Business Plan Example

CopyofInspireandIlluminatebusinessplan2017HUC.docx.docx Completed Business Plan


II)  The Finance Plan:

Finance Plan

Year Two Costs

Possible Income Year One


III)  Team Members: 

Other Team Members


III)  Business Ethics 

Business Ethics– What are business ethics and why do you want them?

Hirt, Ferrell, Geoffrey Hirt, and Linda Ferrell. “Chapter 2: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility.” Business Foundations: A Changing World, 11th Edition. N.p.: n.p., n.d. 28-54. McGraw-Hill Education, 31 Jan. 2017. Web. 24 June 2017.

Business Ethics Examples A link to business ethics examples.


IV)  Legal:

*Blank Bylaws Template 2017word version         Blank Bilaws Template 2017

*Blessed Based Business Bilaws Example 2017




Creative Commons. Org

VI) Templates 

I)  Blank Template Teaching Modules


V) General Business Links:

Small Business Administration  – Good for all things small business

Google – free business tools and easy collaboration with partners and affiliates.

(word processing,  data management/sheets, basic web site set up, etc.)

Comet Docs – When you need to turn a PDF into another format, such as a word document.

Key Word Search Tool














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