Vision Statement:

The vision of  the Blessed-Based Business (Inspire and Illuminate LLC ) is to teach people how  to find their own light let it shine by being able to create their own at-home, on-line business within one years time.
We do this by:
1. Learning about or by helping to develop our clients own unique niche.
2. Teaching clients how to find the right target audience.
3. Teaching clients how to find their own unique voice and style that matches their audience.
4. Teaching clients how to use social media in order to reach their target audience.
5. How to create a business plan and funnel system in order to reach maximum potential and income.

We promise to:
1. Be honest and transparent in every aspect of the business.
2. Bring real value to our clients.
3. Be real and authentic, raw and reflective in all aspects of our business interactions.
4. Create simple, balanced, nonjudgemental solutions.
5. Build trust with our clients through:  no gimmicks, 100% confidentiality and 100% money back guarantee based upon a sliding scale.
6.  Get results that satisfy our customers.

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  1. Hey –

    You’ve previously signed up to be apart of The Mental Health Art Auction – thank you once again!

    Could you please quickly email me so that I have your email address.

    When it comes closer to the event I will be sending out emails with more information for you to get started so I need to gather everyone’s details!

    Thanks, speak to you soon,


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