Key to Success #16 – Specific and Strategic

Weather it is making a schedule, planning a party, or trying to reach a goal, successful people are specific and strategic. They don’t leave things to chance. They want to ensure that whatever they do will turn out to be a success. They discover where they are, and set a corse, with specific mile markers, to determine how they will arrive at their destination. With that said, they know there will be some bumps and unexpected turns along the way, but instead of abandoning all hope, they simply adjust their sails and keep moving forward. They also know they can’t reach a destination all on their own, so they call in crew members with specific and strategic skills that can help them get where they want to go. They also balance their time between plotting the course, self assessing, coaching and guiding team mates, as well as taking the helm and performing daily grunge work, and let’s not forget resting so that they are in their right mind to make the best decisions possible.

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