Key to Success #13

Sometimes spiritual teachers can make the term “being awake” sound like some mysterious, mystical, out-of-reach place that only a guru can attain. So.. what does being “awake” and “aware” mean anyway?

To me, being awake and aware is simply paying attention to how each experience is effecting you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Then after having each experience, or as a collective whole at the end of each day, taking time to reflect upon how each of those experiences effected you physically, mentally, and emotionally. After that you can take time to specifically and strategically decided to keep having those experiences, if they benefit you as a whole person, or to decide not to engage in certain experiences because they effect you negatively.

By becoming awake and aware, we also being to realize that,

“We are the masters of our fate. We are the captains of our souls.”

– William Ernet Henley, Invictus  (1875) –

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