Key to Success #12 – Seek Continuous Improvement

While in many ways physical, mental, and emotional health are very different from each other, there is one thing they all share in common: if they are not used, and updated, they will begin to atrophy. We begin to see this in our physical forms soon after we leave high school— the freshman fifteen, it is often called. Mentally, one may begin to see it when a person hits retirement, when he or she is no longer required to learn new skills. Often times people get stuck in the same patterns. They talk with the same people and perform the same actives and habits day after day, year after year. And while having traditions and consistent habits can be very beneficial, and provide constancy and structure to a person’s life, it can also become like record that is stuck on skip. If we don’t change the record up once in a while, we will only hear the same music, and be stuck in the same places never really being able to reach our full potential physically, mentally, or emotionally. A highly successful person is open to trying new opportune and having new experiences. They meet with people who are vastly different from them, and are willing to try new experiences, which pushes them out of their comfort zone physically, mentally, and emotionally. They do this because while often times there is trail and error, the end rewards far outweigh the failures they may experience: a better body, better overall health, happiness, satisfaction, growth, empathy, endurance, grit, patience, you name it. Highly successful people know there are no limits to what a person has the opportune to obtain, if they are willing to put in some effort and step out of their comfort zone and try something new.

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