Key to Success #3 – Keep a Balanced Schedule

3. Create a Balanced Schedule
A balanced schedule is a schedule that allows time to work on improving physical, mental, and emotional health, whether it means eating right and exercising, reading about the latest research, trying a new experience, or spending time with family and friends. In this day and age, especially when it comes to work and school, a person’s schedule can get out of balance very quickly. And there may be times and seasons when it has to be. One should also keep in mind that some areas can cover more than one well-being state. For example, perhaps work does cover mental and emotional for some people because they have access to professional development as well as social interaction. Another thing to keep in mind? Some areas may take less time than others. The point is highly successful people take time to analyze their schedules daily, weekly, or monthly, and asks themselves, am I happy with my schedule? If no, where can I make some adjustments?

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