Highly Effective Habit #1 – Clear, Organized E-Mail

Key to Success #4 – Develop Highly Effective Habits. 

Highly Effective Habit #1 –  Empty, Organized Communication 

Mail, whether it is paper or electronic, vocal or written is a form of communication. And like a lot of messages that are just thrown out there, most is junk and it can clutter up your electronic work spaces as quickly as mosquitos at dusk. But there are a few that are really important and that we must pay attention to. Smart phones now have the capability to ping and buzz and alert us to every text message, e-mail, and phone call, which could distract us to the point where we ignore the people who are physically around us. Best practices are then to skim and scan your devices for “junk,” in those few minutes moments of time you have free, hit delete, and move on. But at least once to three times a day, really take your time to respond thoughtfully to the more important messages. Establish “office” hours, if you will, for when you will
respond to those electronic requests, and then stick to those hours. Once you have responded, delete or create a filing system, and clear them out of your current electronic boxes, for clean, clear, and organized electronic spaces are just as important for mental and emotional health as are clean, clean, and organized physical spaces.

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