Key to Success #4 – Develop Daily Habits

4. Develop Positive Daily Habits

Habits are the tasks that we put on autopilot. It makes life so much easier to just do something automatically than think about what to do when. Some of our daily habits are positive and some can be negative. One way to to know which is which to ask yourself: Does this habit make me, and others around me, more functional or less functional? Habits that make us functional, that are essential when it comes to “bad days.” On the days when I don’t really feel positive. I tell myself, just get up and start your day the way you always do. I’ll admit. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting out of bed, but once I do that, and once I start going through my routine, as I always do, the act of getting clean and being productive, actually starts alleviating any negativity I may be feeling, and more often than not, allows room for more positivity to come through.

Stay tuned for highly effective habits!

Peace & Blessings!


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