3rd Key to Success

I started blogging on my other site Learn, Think, Create, but I think this has a lot to do with business, so I’ll start posting them here.  Peace and Blessings! – Jennifer-

Key 1 – Eye Contact

Key 2 – Body Language

3. Unlimited Expanding Mindset

Have you ever seen a pond in which no new water flows? Over time, the life that resides within that pond takes the live-giving oxygen for itself and leaves the pond oxygen depleted leaving all life that resides within that pond at risk for extinction. In order to grow, new nutrients must flow in. The human mind is no different. The difference between a pond and a mind, however, it that there are no limits to human imagination. Take time to learn new things daily. Take time to meet with new people, and go places you’ve never been to before. Take time to try new experiences. Then take time to reflect upon those experiences.

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