Under Construction – Day 3

06 -22-2017: Day Three

On June 20th, 2017, I wrote an introductory letter explaining that over the next week I will be slowly converting Inspire and Illuminate, which has been posting poetry daily, into The Blessed-Based Business website. For reasons why, please visit that post.

Today, I deleted many entries that people will be able to find in the finished product of a book I’ve been working on for three years entitled Heaven Under Construction, which I plan to release October 2017 during breast cancer awareness month, since this book is a memoire told in poetry format of my battle with breast cancer.

With that said, I’ve keep 220 pieces of poetry and writings still on this site.  I plan on writing a second book entitled The Unfolding, which I will slowly be migrating, one poem at a time to my other site entitled As I See It. So for daily deep think-about poetry postings, please join me there. For beginning very soon this site will simply be used for my other new venture: The Blessed-Based Business in which I hope to teach people who have a Divinely-given gift how to market their products.  I have found it is all well to write, but I feel as though I could help more than just the few followers I have on Word Press with my words. In order to do this, the reality is that one must market themselves, and I have learned a lot about this process over the past year that I want to share freely with others for the next year.

You will also notice that I will be creating an e-mail collection system, if people would like to continue receiving the teachings. Then, in addition to posting them on-line, I will send the lessons directly into their e-mail box.

People who sign up for The Blessed-Based Business teachings, over the next year, will be my VIP customers. Customers who will always get free teaching previews for any and all products that I make in the future. I am doing this because I believe in loyalty and want to reward people who were with me from the beginning when I was first starting out, but I will only be doing this for one year, so spread the word. 🙂

People who sign up for As I See It, will simply get the poetry in their mail box for free, unless they choose to opt out, and be notified of when the writings will be put into one published book formate, hopefully, a year from now.

So stick with me if you want to see how this venture goes, or if you are interested in learning how to market your own writing. Option two would be to unfollow me here and keep reading my daily poetry postings on As I See It. Option three stick with both sites. 🙂

Wish me luck on my new venture, and I wish you luck on yours!

Peace and Blessings,

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