Under Construction: Day 2

Sometimes you have to deconstruct something you love

in order to make room for something new.

– Jennifer Engel –

06-21-2017: Day Two

Yesterday, I wrote an introductory letter explaining that over the next week I will be slowly converting Inspire and Illuminate, which has been me posting daily peotry, into The Blessed-Based Business website. For reasons why, please visit yesterday’s post.

Each day new changes will be made. So far, I have changed the About section as well as added some helpful links, and obviously changed the appearance of the interface.
I will also be deleting a lot of previous content that will become part of a book I am publishing and releasing October 2017 entitled Heaven Under Construction  (a memoire told in poetry format of my battle with breast cancer back in 2013).  Information can be found on Facebook as well as a real basic web site I am setting up for it, which itself is under construction. 🙂  The goal is to launch the book October 2017, so it is still a work in process. 🙂

If you would still like to follow my daily poetry postings, those will be moving to

As I See It.


Jennifer Engel.

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