Fill a Frame

Day Two Hundred Forty-Two

Fill A Frame

I heard a tip or a trick
to help focus my life:
get a frame
and fill it.

With things you say
are important to you.
In other words,
get a picture.

Bring that what you wish for
out into this real world
in order to help you
stay focused.

So I took the challenge
to think about
my top three
to five value:

Faith, friends, family,

I got a frame and filled it.
When life wants to pull me elsewhere,
it will remind me of
where I wish to spend my attention.

Yet I know I can’t just want it,
I know I must also do.
My actions go
where my thoughts do.

My current 2017 “Filled Frame.” Also notice I keep picture on my laptop desk top of family and friends as well. 🙂

6 11 2017 inspire bottom pic

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