One Step at a Time

Author’s Note:   The following poem is an excerpt from a book of poems I wrote while undergoing cancer treatment back in 2013.


Day Two Hundred Twenty-Eight
One Step at a Time

I woke up this morning
feeling mildly depressed.

I recalled the words
of Doctor Lissa Rankin,
“What do you you need
to heal yourself today?”

I need to get out of bed,
so I did.
I need to go to the store,
so I did.

I want company
so I asked my husband.
I want to cook,
so I did.

Several small simple things.
Several small choices to make,
which began to slowly
make all the difference.

Slowly, but surely
my mood changed.
Sometimes all it takes,
is a step in the right direction.

The right step
in the right direction
helps change
the scenery.

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