Writing and Business: A Creative, Messy Process

Writing and Business: A Creative, Messy Process

By day, I am a teacher…
…by early morning hours, and during the summer,
I am blessed with the gift of time to become
a visionary and entrepreneur.

since I did not go to school for these things,
I have to figure them out on my own.

I do this through research
as well as
through trail
and error.

One thing I have never really heard any entrepreneurs talk about,
is how messy and how many trials and errors they may go through
before they find the right combination.

Will Ferrell,
in his USC Commencent Speech 2017
called this
busy throwing darts at the dart board.
(to see the whole speech, click on the following link)


(Darts quote starts at 16:22)

And being a visionary,
a person who can see the future
with the use of imagination,
can only add to the mix of
systematic chaos.

I see myself
like a tree:

The entrepreneur in me
has been pondering
what type of soil
I wish to sink my roots into…
what values I want to rise up
and establish into a stable, sturdy trunk.

The visionary in me
are the branches of the tree
who sees many possibilities
all stemming from
one solid, sturdy trunk.

But sometimes,
the branches of the tree
can be like having three to five puzzle boxes
that have been opened
and who’s pieces have gotten mixed up together.

I let the visionary out in me
who throws chaotic colors at blank canvas,
which in this case, is my web site
in order to create some form of beautiful art.

Other times,
the entrepreneur in me has to come out
and separate and organize
each puzzle piece,
each color
back into
their appropriate

Over the past three years,
I’ve been collecting pieces and colors
and throwing them onto my website.

Sometimes creating one piece
and then switching to another.

Now, it is time for the left-brained,
detailed of myself come out and lead for a while.
The one that has to take all the pieces I’ve gathered
and place them into a specific, focused order
that could really help people in a strategic and logical way.

In order to do that,
I am going to have to step back in time
to one of my original visions:
Heaven Under Construction.
A book of poetry I wrote
while undergoing
my journey with cancer.

The purpose of the book
is two fold:

One to describe my journey,
but two to validate why people should listen to me
as a spiritual and emotional coach.

I never went to college to learn how to become a life coach,
I went through the real-life school of hard knocks,
and found and discovered techniques
that helped me through it…

…not only through it,
but how to become,
once I reached the other side.

And my goal in life
is to show others
who are struggling

they too can make it

And two:
Tips and tricks on how to make it.

this summer,
I’m going back in time
and publishing one poem per day
from the book
Heaven Under Construction,
which I will be publishing
and hopefully launching October 2017
during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

My other goal will be to offer webinares
entitled “Under Construction”
which give specific tips and straggles
of how to handle emotions during times of transition.
As well as hosting live workshops
summer of 2018.

So thank you for joining me
on my wild journeys and postings,
but now it is time to get specific and strategic.

if you like wild and random,
my other website:
As I See It
can still meet that need.

Peace and Blessings,



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