Manifesting Dreams

To Have a Dream is Easy…

Having knowledge of the laws,
and a dream, or a vision, is easy.

Knowing what to do,
or how to use those laws,
can be difficult.

First, be clear
what it is you want
what it is
that you don’t.

Next, attract like-minded people and energy
who will help you develop, maintain,
or improve upon your dream.

Third, know it won’t be easy.
Negativity and opposition will come.
Stay rooted in the knowledge that this is not
to destroy, but challenge and make you stronger,
or to ensure you really know
exactly what it is you want
and where you want to go.

Fourth, also stay rooted
in what it is you don’t want.
Then repel any thing negative
that could stop or distract you
away from your dream.

Tell the Universe,
I am an arrow
who will hit
its mark.

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