The Law of Magnetism

The Law of Magnetism

Picture a magnet, can you see?
on one end is negative,
and on the other positivity.

Both coexist
on the same field,
like attracts like on each end.

Place them together
this north and this south
this positive and negative
and what do you see?
Opposites attracting.

Go further down still
to the atomic level
neutrality and positivity
at the atom’s core
held together by a strong, but invisible force.

Around that core,
you’ll also observe
negativity excitedly charged
moving wildly about.

So it seems to me that one seeks the other
in order to not to get too out of control,
while the other calls to the wild
in hopes to give it a path and purpose.

As an exchange,
they both have the whole picture.


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