Infinitely Many: The Law of Vibration

Infinitely Many
The Law of Vibration

How are we all connected
or entangled?

According to Nassim Haramein,
“Space is not empty,
it is full of energy,
which can be calculated.

These calculations
can even tell us
the reality
that might
come out of it.”

Within each atom
that occupies space
is potential energy just waiting…
…waiting to be acted upon…
…by an outside force…
… which will cause it to swirl into motion
emerging into physical form
from nothing,

or perhaps

So no matter
is the state
for all matter.

The world is a great big science lab
conducting an infinite number of experiments
all at the same time.

Learning how to become one
with its interactions
with the many.

We are waves and things:

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