The Expanding – An Introduction


After writing about and publishing my thoughts on the twelve spirits that surround us and lead us towards our purpose and life-vision, as well as writing and publishing my thoughts on what God’s covent and/or my understanding of what Jacob’s ladder really is, I hit a bit of a writer’s block. Where do I go from here? Yet, I promise you, ask and you shall receive! And when it rains, it pours!
I spent five hours, from 3:30 a.m. until 8:30 a.m. taking in, writing down, and researching the answers that flowed in as easy and gently, yet as abundant as many tributaries flowing into a river. And even more clarity, of how I see the twelve, came into focus.
What came to me will is what my summer Blog, and Blogs will be on Facebook live: How to change your life in two simple, and yet many, challenging, yet doable steps.
Here is the poem I wrote this morning as an introduction to the section of my book I am calling “The Expanding.”

And just as there are
many different languages,
many different ways to see the world,
so too is there a common language.

The world is continuously

…pulling apart
coming together.

My first book of poetry,
the 12
was my individual way
of how I saw
and understood
the twelve laws
of the Universe
as well as
The law of abundance.

Book two,
the expanding,
is the common language
God, Spirit, The Divine
has given to many
in order for us all
to understand
the same concepts.

individual understanding
and collective understanding
have their place and purpose.

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