The Twelfth Spirit is You


After you’ve been
to the top of the mountain
and have seen the mountain move.

After you’ve walk for many miles
with a trusted companion.

After you have been planted
into the darkness and told to rise.

After you have done combat
with the Trickster in the dojo
and have been lifted up
on Angels’ wing.

After you have had and encounter
with sister wisdom and brother light.

After you have been lifted up
out of the baptismal waters,
you are taken to the most scared place..

The Tent of Meeting
the encounter with God
whom and where you discover
has been in your own heart all along.

One drop of light among many
flowing and harmonizing as one.

And like the cycle of evaporation,
you are drawn and pulled apart
into two, four, seven, twelve,
and into an infinite number
constantly collapsing
and expanding
at all times.

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