The Practice

The Practice

There are seven general ways
to develop a practice
that help tune
one’s spiritual antenna.

I’d recommend
mixing and matching
until you find one that fits your style.

And once you’ve gotten
into a routine,
try one
your comfort zone
for that will help you
continue to grow.

The first way
is intellectual
grab sacred text,
and start reading.

The second way
is relational
grab a friend,
and/or join
a spiritual community.

The third way
is to serve
find a cause
you’re passionate about.

The fourth way
is to worship
turn on KLOVE,
grab a pen
write poetry,
create art,
and give thanks.

The fifth way
is through silence
meditate and see
where your mind take you.

The sixth way
is through contemplation
ask questions
until you find answers.

The seventh way
is through creation
connecting to God
through Nature.

And if you’re not quite sure
perhaps a quick quiz will help?

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