The Interrogation

The Interrogation

A general question
within the interrogation
of the Great God Almighty,
is why is there sickness
and why do you let people die?

The answer is always,
I didn’t intend it that way.
I gave you free will,
and you let your curiosity
lead you astray.

People with free will
commit horrible crimes,
but if you let me,
I’ll clean it up
every time.

And sickness is a curse,
you cast upon yourself
and each other
brokenness inherited
from your father
and mother.

But it doesn’t have
to be that way.
Inside of you is a spark
that can show you
the way.

But you must learn to distinguish
the dark from the the light
So that you know
the voice that you are hearing
will lead you to what’s right.

And anytime you have questions,
to anything at all,
I’m always right here,
just give me a call.

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