The Fight

The Fight

I always believed in God, The Divine,
a force located
outside of

I fought
and struggled to see
that the light
was already

A light that could save.
A light that could love.
A light that could fill

And this light
that lies
inside me
is connected to
the collective

“What could wash away my sins”
played over and over and over
inside of my mind.

Until I gave in and said,
“Fine. Show me.”

3 31 2017 inspire

John 15 & 16

were some of the first quotes

God “said” to me:

15:21 “All this things they will do unto you for my name’s sake,

because they know not him that sent me.”

16:3 “And these things they will do unto you,

because they have not known the Father nor me.”

Sometimes I still wonder

how some people who “grew up” in the church can be so cruel.

Those words helped me find one of the answers.

You can spend a lifetime somewhere

or studying something,

and still not know anything about it.

A link to my live readings and teachings

about the poems. 🙂

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