Under Construction

This summer I am working on the fourth revision of a diary I keep while going through cancer. Each day I will share one rewritten entry. My goal is to have the fourth rough draft completed by August 15th. All rights reserved, but feedback welcome.:)


Day Three Hundred Sixty
Under Construction


I’ve begun to see them.
White and orange reflective signs
with big, bold black lettering
all over many roads.

Long lines of cars
backing up
due to a lane being collapsed
and merged into another.

I believe my outer life reflects
my inner emotional state,
which must be currently under

Three, of the four,
major roads I take to work
are torn up.
One lane only.

They mirror
all the roads
I seem to be
reconstructing in my life.

I will keep going.
Deal with the roughness.
Find the detours.
Slow down and stop when needed.

Until then, I’ll turn on the radio,
and try to wait patiently
for the day when driving upon new pavement
will become a smooth and pleasurable experience.

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