Cities of Rubble into Paths of Gold

This summer I am working on the fourth revision of a diary I keep while going through cancer. Each day I will share one rewritten entry. My goal is to have the fourth rough draft completed by August 15th. All rights reserved, but feedback welcome.:)


Day Two Hundred and Ninety
Remove the Rubble


I must remember,
while one this walk,
not just to pick up mile stones,
but also to remove the rubble.

I have begun to realize
that dreams can not bee seen
around the rubble I’ve created
around myself.

Cities I’ve built,
that served no one but me,
I have now destroyed—
ground zero.

all that is left

And as I begin the hard work
removing rock and stone,
I find creepers and crawlers
that loved the dark,

but when exposed
once they were
exposed to the light.

I have a lot of work to do,
but at least
I am beginning to see more clearly
now that the rubble is gone.


Day Two Hundred and Ninety One
Yellow Brick Road

From this war-torn city
that I created within,
I use the rubble and milestones to create
a new path.

My own
yellow-brick road
to speak.

One that
will lead me to
my own
Emerald City

filled with

I still have many more

I keep
I keep

I find peace
in assurance
that the final destination
will be well wort the effort.




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