This summer I am working on the fourth revision of a diary I keep while going through cancer. Each day I will share one rewritten entry. My goal is to have the fourth rough draft completed by August 15th. All rights reserved, but feedback welcome.:)


Day Two Hundred and Forty Nine

When life changes
another thing I do
practice runs.

When I get a new job,
before it actually begins,
I wake up early
and practice timely arrival.

Since I made the decision
to back to work,
while undergoing treatment,
I will do a practice run.

Practice getting my morning routine
back on a schedule.
Practice getting to the cancer center
on time.

“Practice isn’t the thing you
do once you are good.
Its’ the thing you do
that makes you good.”

This is what
Malcolm Gladwell said.
I’ll take that advice.

And now my radiologist and I
aren’t going to practice until we get it right
we will practice
until we can’t get it wrong.

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