Purpose: It’s What Keeps Me Going

This summer I am working on the fourth revision of a diary I keep while going through cancer. Each day I will share one rewritten entry. My goal is to have the fourth rough draft completed by August 15th. All rights reserved, but feedback welcome.:)


Living Life On Purpose
The more I work
the more I realize
that it’s purpose
that keeps me going.

Even though chemo leaves me
tired and exhausted,
yet sleepless in Streamwood
all at the same time,

Living on purpose
gives me a chance
to focus on helping others
rather than my own problems.

It’s what’s keeping me going
during difficult times.
I could sit and worry,
but why?

I am not happy
unless I am up and productive.
Don’t get me wrong,
I let myself rest.

But living calm and consistent,
connected and compassionate
gives me tenacity
to make it through.

Somedays my purpose
is to just get out of bed
and others
to begin building my dreams.

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about 10 characteristics people with purpose display.

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Peace and Blessings!


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