How Do You Do It? Practice


This summer I am working on the fourth revision of a diary I keep while going through cancer. Each day I will share one rewritten entry. My goal is to have the fourth rough draft completed by August 15th. All rights reserved, but feedback welcome.:)


How Do You Do It?

Two phrases
I hear sometimes:
“How do you do it?” and
“I don’t know how you do it.”

I am not sure
what “it” is exactly.
I am assuming
how I get through my day.

I am back at work,
while going through chemo,
which is where the questions
probably stem from.

First, I have found
that having a purpose,
keeping myself occupied,
helps me “do it.”

Teaching gives me
A reason to wake up,
and keep going.

Second, I don’t aways “do it.”
people see my highlight real,
not the behind scenes practices,
which often contain many “failures.”

But the point is
I keep getting up
and trying again.
That’s how winning
and learning is done.



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