YOU are the author.


A few years back I found on Netflix, the ABC fairytale series, “Once Upon a Time.” I had made it through season three and then took a break. On my recent trip to Disney Land, I saw a banner over one of the studios, which was advertising the show. I thought it was a sign so I binge-watched season four, and after doing so, I have a suggestion for the Writers. I believe the show should end, once they hit season seven, episode 20 or 22, with the idea that the characters in the story had the power to write their own stories at any time and did not have to rely on any author, outside of themselves. The stories went the way they did simply because they believed them.

As I am going back, and rewriting my own story, I thought of this entry. I am not sure where I will place it: as a preface or as one of the last entries. Probably the former, but this is what I learned from my own journey:
When we are born
we are told many stories:

You’re a boy.
You’re a girl.
You are healthy.
You are ill.

Incorporated messages
we live without thinking
and make them part
of who we are.

Rarely do we
stop and ask,
“is this who I am,

We think others
author’s our lives,
and when we listen to them,
they do.

But the true gift
I’ve unearthed
is that I am the author
of my own life.

So I pick up the pen,
and begin to rewrite
using ink
from an unlimited well.

I discovered deep inside
after a long, arduous journey
outside my body
and throughout my soul.

But now that I found peace,
I want my story to be
a guide, a light
that shows others
their own way home.

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