The End – or is it?

My whole life,
up to this point,
has been a series of

A series of steps
where I changed
from one state or condition
to another:

A sick young child
to a healthy grown woman.

A student to teacher.

A single, young girl
to a wife and mother.

A woman diagnosed with cancer
to a human being
who had to rediscover who she was
after cancer.

And with each transition
there is a “letting go” period.

Letting go of the old
to embrace the new.

I find myself
once more
in a state of

Transiting from
a blogger who posted random writings
about her life’s experiences
to an author
who has now found her voice, her style,
and her next subject matter
which does not look anything like
her previous writings.

And so the difficult decision begins
to let go of five years of work
of building up 500 followers
to embracing a singular-focused style
and starting over.

I have noticed that during this time of transition, my writings have become rambled and unfocused.

It is time to refocus.

So with that said, if you’d like to follow me on my new adventure,
of moving from inspiration ramblings
to a focused slip-fiction story
please like the following page: LeftSideRight.

If not, thanks for joining me this far.

The End

or is it simply

A New Beginning?


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