Awakening the Author Within: Audience

Preface: Please note I went back and changed Day 1 which focused on why we write.  Some new information may be found in the previous day’s writing as well as some information from the previous day’s writing may be found in today’s writing. Thank you.

Awakening the Author Within: Day 2

Yesterday I got people to think about why they write. Today I am going to ask you to think about who you are writing for,
yourself or others?

If you want someone to truly take the time and listen to what you have to say,
you need to think about how what you are sharing is going to fill a need or gap they may have, weather that is to be entertained to relieve boredom or to be informed about a particular topic. For example, before you write or communicate, you may want to ask:

What does my audience already know
about the topic I am writing/ communicating?

Do they know little, quite a bit, or a lot?

Where is my audience from, and
where am I writing from
physically, mentally, and emotionally?
from home
from school
from work
from church
from a volunteer position
from an interest
from curiosity
from research
from ego
from spirit
from quite
from loud
from love
from anger
from fear
from courage
from narrow
from joy

Finally, you want to ask yourself:
what do I want them to take way from my communication?

Go back and think about why you are writing in the first place. That is your theme, the message you want your readers to take way.

Knowing where you are writing from, who you are writing to, where you want to take them, and what message you want them to leave with will help you stay focused and find the right audience for your message.

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