Awakening the Author Within: Day 2 Why Write?

Awakening the Author Within Day 1
Thinking about Purpose and Audience.

More often than not,
when a writer writes,
or a person speaks
they are speaking to be heard
about a topic from their own perspective.

If you really want your writing,
or any form of communication
to be successful,
you need to transcend your perspective,
your point of view, and expand it
so that others,
who may have a different point of view,
or experience, can relate to and want to know what you are trying to convey.

In a “me-focused society” this can be difficult to do, but not impossible.

You can start from your point a view,
and expand from there.

Step One:

Think about Why did you write,
or communicate about your topic,
in the first place:

to share information with my reader/listener that they may not have already known.

to entertain someone and relief their boredom or place a smile upon their face.

to get someone to think differently about a certain topic.

to know they are loved and not alone.

to share an experience others may have had, or will have, and share my insight.

to share what’s worth fighting for, dying for, or living for.

to share my expertise on a particular topic.

to share steps on how to get something done, or complete a certain project.

to encourage or cheer people on.

to get people to stop and think.

to analyze.

to judge or discern.

to compare and contrast.

to identify a problem and solution.

to summarize a situation.

to acknowledge something or someone.

to advocate for someone or something.

to assert my opinion.

to promote someone or something.

to support someone or something.

to criticize or oppose someone or something.

to reflect upon my own experience.

to revise my own thoughts or statement.
Once you think about writing or communicating to help others,
you will probably find the number of people who will want to listen to you grow.

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