Awakening the Author Within: Day 1

Awakening the Author Within: Day 1

Yesterday morning
I had ideas, and I had questions.

Ideas for books I’d write.

Questions like:

Are there books like that
already out there?

Upon a very brief 40 minute search
I found that a lot of my ideas
have already been written about,
which lead to more questions:

What makes my writing,
what I have to say
any different?

I thought I’d take what I know as a teacher,
who teaches writing,
and walk through the process myself.

But one thing I’ve learned about journeys
as I share my stories, my ideas,
it more often than not
also helps others find their story
and share it with others.

Which gave me a good idea:
Awakening the Author within.

How to use writing in business
as well as in your personal life.

Join me as I discuss such topics as:
purpose for writing, thinking about audience,
finding voice, finding style, thinking about word choice, making writing flow, reflecting
and revising, and ways to present your writing to the world.

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