The Journey: Day 2 – Focus

The journey: Day 2

Step Two: Focus

The problem with me
is that I am a whole-picture person.

I swear I am living in the eleventh dimension
where I can remember all current, past, and future life experiences. Where everything has already been done and where creativity and potential are unlimited.

It’s like standing in front of a cherry tree
that is ripe with fruit.

I want to dig it up,
carry it with me,
and show the world.

But instead,
I must just pick one cherry,
and cultivate the seed inside;
show people the sapling
that one little seed can become.

Step Two: Day Two – focus.

I look at my tree and decide.

One cherry is picked
and brought out from
my inner most world
into the real world
to plant
and to care for
until it becomes
a sapling.

Focusing on one seed,
one sapling, is frustrating,
but I remind myself:
One seed planted
and cared for over time
will eventually produce
a whole orchard.

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