The Journey: Day 1 – Dream Job

This site started
as publishing thoughts,
and rough draft copies
of pages to a book I am writing.

Just yesterday I realized,
my writing has rambled off topic
from the original book.

So now this site will be used
to document the journey
from non author to author.
The Journey:
Day 1

Back to the bottom
of the mountain I go
to begin the journey
from living outside in
to living inside out.

From having the world effect me
to me having an effect upon the world.
From having the world tell me who I am
to telling the world who I am.

I am lucky.
I really love my current job—teaching.
Though this career I have gained
all the skills and practice I need
for my dream job.

And weather my dream job will happen before, or after, I retire doesn’t matter.

What matters is the effort, the journey
of trying to get there—
balancing real life with dream life
until they are the same.

All journeys must being with a vision.
I suppose that is why resumes
look so different now
than they did 20 years ago.

I begin typing mine:

Spiritual Life Coach
author * teacher * inspirational speaker

Extensive experience with spiritual
and emotional healing.

From assessment to goal setting.

Each plan differentiated based upon individual and personal interests.
Step One: Done – get a vision – check.
onto step two.

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