The Rebuild: Day 5 – The Clean-Up Crew

Day 286:
The Rebuild: Day 5
Clean Up Crew

The first thing I notice,
as my eyes gaze upon
the inner most room, located
not on earth, but within my soul.

I see how large
and how crammed packed
the room’s become.

I kept all things:
the broken and tattered
the dark and ugly
the whole and beautiful
all things that filled, and haunted
my soul.

I also observe that the things
closest to the door
are what I have most recently acquired.
This will serve me well, for I now have
a clean up crew.

A grandfather who offers knowledge.

An uncle who offers strength.

Loyal pets who offer coaching
on dedication and unconditional love.

A sister who knows the meaning of
“deep clean.”

A grandmother who survived the depression
and knows how to reuse and up-cycle.

A brother who teaches me to discern
what to hold on to, and what to let go.

A husband and son who offer
companion ship and assistance.

And as I look at it all I realize,
I don’t need much
just them, and time
for my own contemplation.

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