I am that, I am

I did my Book of Job study yesterday, which I didn’t get the chance to film; not sure how many people watch it anyway. But from that study, and from reading “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran, specifically page 60 of talking, this poem emerged.

I am that
I am
by Jennifer Engel
Inspire & Illuminate LLC
I used to think
the mentally ill,
the depressed,
the autistic,
the silent,
the shy,
the transgender,
is them.

Since I swallowed
a pill called truth
I now see
I am that
I am

Chirping chatter,
is silence shattered
where can peace now
be found?

Stop the chatter
focus on what matters:
I am that
I am.

I am the gifted,
I am the insightful,
I am detailed focused
I am.

I am the spiritual,
I am the mindful,
I am beyond gender
I am.

Learning how
to tune myself
to the song
I am that
I am.

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