Girl Lost: Girl Found

As you read, please imagine
not a physical, in-this-world
kingdom, or home,
but one located where
no time, no space exists
in the imagination; and yet,
in my experience this can be
and even more real place and experience.

Day 283
The Rebuild: Day 2
Girl Lost: Girl Found

Paint chipping,
chaotic noises,
behind the dilapidated door
of my prayer closet.

silver spooned,
skeleton key,
held hesitantly ,
in my right hand
which moves shakily
towards the lock
– click –

Like bats
flying out of a cave,
as dusk sets in,
I duck,
they fly

Cowering in the corner
a shape-shifting child
knees up,
arms wrapped around,
head in lap,
I approach.

Like a wounded animal
she shape shifts like smoke
into haunting figures
daring me
to run away

I get to my knees and say,
“I’m sorry.”

She runs
into my arms.

She’s free.

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