The Rebuild: Day 1 – Lock & Key

lock and key
As you read, please imagine
not a physical, in-this-world
kingdom, or home,
but one located where
no time, no space exists
in the imagination.

Diary Day 282
The Rebuild: Day 1

Lock and Key:

When I was in my twenties
I tried to build my kingdom
from the outside in.

Isn’t that
how all things
are built?

My body drains itself
warm to chilled
as silent-soled footsteps fall
in colorless corridors
which seem to have eyes
that follow and mock me.

I proceed to the most private of places
my heart, my prayer closet,
which keeps
every hope,
every dream,
every nightmare
stored behind a locked door.

I touch the cold metal chain
hidden around my neck
under clothes safely kept.

And I ask myself
for what reason?

Arm extends;
key revealed.

If I unlock the door,
what will be found?

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