The Rebuild

Day 281: The Rebuild

After the leap of faith
I land back on solid ground.

Like Odysseus lost at sea,
or Robin of Lockley returning from war,
I look around at a kingdom,
a kingdom I left
only to experience hell.

And I came back to find
damage and disaster.

A garden over grown
with weeds.
A castle in disarray.

These aren’t stories outside of us,
I now realize.
It is the same story
we all play
like a skipping record

But since I am the author,
I get the chance to say,
“this is not how my story
will end—evil
will not win.”

And during my leap of faith
like King, and my first teacher, Black Elk
I was taken to the top of the mountain.
I was shown the Promise Land.

And so,
I begin
the rebuild;
this time,
upon firmer
and with better
and more beautiful