5th Rung on the Ladder to Hell: Selective Mutism


Preface: I am currently writing about the seven levels I went through
in order to find my way back to the light, so my writings may seem
a bit darker than normal. Yet, I hope they still contain
a spark of light, and it was that light I saw and reached for
that pulled me out.

The Decent
Day 265
Selective Mutism

There is a large room
inside of me
it has an iron door
with a small six inch
by six inch window.

I peek through the plexiglass
words swarm and buzz
like bees in a hive.

One flies at me
eyes fixated upon me
and asks without a sound
“why don’t you let us out?”

I turn away,
my back to the door,
and slide down
cool iron

In the physical world
chaos swirls around me
and I say

The fifth rung down
to the hell



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