Perfect Storm

perfect storm

Preface: I am currently writing about the seven levels I went through

in order to find my way back to the light, so my writings may seem

a bit darker than normal. This was the first level. Yet, I hope they still contain

a spark of light, and it was that light I saw and reached for

that pulled me out.

The Decent: Day 259
Perfect Strom

I looked outside of myself
for someone to make me happy.

And once I found a willing soul
who thought the were up for the challenge,
I demanded that they fill
the empty space
inside of me.

And when they couldn’t
I created the perfect storm.

Conjuring crashes of thunder,
emitting explosive waves of energy,
watching reactions to
howling and screaming winds.

I could see and feel my power,
which can be

It made me feel

What is my world,
what am I,
if there are no storms
to endure

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