The Boatman

Preface:  I am currently writing about the seven levels I went through

in order to find my way back to the light, so my writings may seem

a bit darker than normal.  This was the first level.  Yet, I hope they still contain

a spark of light, and it was that light I saw and reached for

that pulled me out.

The Decent Day: 257
Right Brain
The Boatman

The boatman that takes us down
into the depths of hell
are often our own words
that we use upon ourselves:

you’re not good enough
not talented enough
not beautiful enough
you are not….enough

Be careful
your soul is listening,

but once the damage is done,
the trip has been made,
we lie empty,
fetal position
curled in fear
upon the dark,
wet floor
in darkness
for someone
to show us
to get back

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