The Decent


There were seven stages to my healing,

seven, the number of perfection:

the decent,
the shutting out,
the two voices,
the rainbow or chakras,
developing focus,
learning to stay in balance,
and continuing to try to walk in the light.

For the next week or two, I am going to write about

the decent, and then, each stage that follows, so bare with me.

It will seem dark at first, but I write to show people how to finally reach the light.


The Decent: Day 256
Right Brain

Sometimes we find ourselves
in the deepest level of hell.

Sometimes we know how we got there;
other times, we do not.

It hurts.
It burns.

It doesn’t exist in some other place and time;
it exists only in the now.

Numbing it, ignoring it
is what we try to do.

Acknowledge it
is what we must do.

Sometimes we can rise out of it ourselves;
most of the times, probably not.

The key to getting out
isn’t ignoring the demons that dance with you.

The key is loving the darkness
until it becomes your light.

Befriending the demons
until they become angels.

It doesn’t happen over night.
It happens
one relationship
one moment,
one step at a time.

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