Writing to Heal

I wrote my cancer diary

as a form of therapy.

I share it so others know

they are not alone.


I am at the point in my diary

where things are getting personal,

not that I haven’t shared personal things before,

but somehow, this is different.


I am back to the root of the pain

where it all started, and I am sure I ‘m not ready

to share that with the world.

It will probably be in the final book/ diary,

which I realize

I am using

as my right/write to heal.

I’ve always pushed my trauma down deep,

and it’s telling me,

“Its time to come out

to be released.”


So, my journals from now on

may not look as they did.

Instead of sharing information about myself,

perhaps I’ll share information on how

we can write to heal.

Today, I wrote about my birth

the place it all began

a victim of



But worry not,

by the end of my writings,

whenever that will be,

I will be

a victor.

Even if at times,

it doesn’t feel like it.


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