A New Beginning

January 2014 5:22 a.m.
Cancer Diaries: Day 254
Letting Go

It’s getting hard to keep up
with a daily cancer diary entry
now that I am back to work.

Soon I’ll have to go
to radiation everyday as well
and may become tired.

So this will be my last daily diary entry.
I will still write one each week
so that people know how radiation
is going.

Slowly, but surely, my life force is returning,
and I am really feeling the quote I posted
just a few days ago:
I am cheating on my fears.
I am breaking up with my doubts.
I am getting engaged with my faith.
And Now, I am marrying my dreams.

2014 J

April 5th, 2016 4:20 a.m.
Reflection Diary: Day 254
Moving Forward

I am kind of glad
I have some extra space
in my diary.

I had wanted to write about
some of the things I have discovered
about how to erase fear
and stay in the light, so from now on
my diary entries will be about:

The decent.
Shutting out.
Two voices
The rainbow or chakras
Developing Focus
Staying in Balance:
and Continuing to try to walk in the light.

I’ll try to cover every topic for two weeks,
while interspersing them,
with radiation updates
that I had in my original journal,
which should take us to 365
where my journal will end.

At that point,
I’ll begin writing
my fictional novel
Momma Bloom of the Dark Waters
which will take readers through
a similar journey; yet,
from the left and the right-brain perspective—
Physical world’s vs. Spiritual world’s

Thank you for partnering with me
on these adventures.

2016 J

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