Off With Her Hair!

off with hair

Jun 20, 2013 5:39am
Cancer Diaries: Day 39 cont…

My blood levels were way up,
so I could have chemo yesterday – yeah!
I felt pretty good, as long as I took
my anti-nausia pill and some tylenol.

I actually feel really well this morning.
I’ll probably need a nap later, but
that’s not that big of a deal.

Also, I was hoping to hang onto my pink mohawk for the cancer survivors lunch
on Sunday, but I think it has to be shaved off.
Today small clumps are beginning to fall out each time I run my hands though my hair.

Jun 20, 2013 8:58am
Cancer Diaries: Day 39 Cont…
Off With her Hair!

A video my husband posted on youtube  off with her hair!

August 24th, 2015 4:22 a.m.
Reflection Diary: Day 39 Cont…

Dear Jennifer,

You never did make it
to the cancer survivor’s lunch.
You were too tired.

And you had forgotten about this day,

this Youtube video you and your family
had made.

Selective Memory?

You are surprised
how happy and peppy
every seems to be.

the happiness must have worn off
the reality must have set in
for tomorrow you reflect upon
what it means to be

Feminine: an adjective meaning
having the qualities or appearance traditionally associated

with women, especially delicacy and prettiness.

This is a concept you’ve been struggling with
probably since birth
and at times
still do
you are getting closer
to a set of beliefs
that you think
will work
for you

Love, Your Future Self

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