The Sensitive Subject of Suicide

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You Don’t Have to Die: A Cancer Survivor’s Guide on Living the Life You Desire

Chapter Two: STOP!

Thoughts from Marianne Williamson,
“A Return to Love: A Reflection on a Course in Miracles”
– Crisis comes bearing its solution in that it takes us to our knees, our most humble thinking. If we had been there to begin with – if we had placed the power of God before our own, putting love before all personal ambitions – then our problems would not have developed.

– Forgiveness is the ultimate preventative medicine as well as the greatest healer.

– A miracle worker’s job is not to attack illness, but rather to stimulate the natural forces of healing.

– Healing doesn’t come form a pill. It comes from our belief. Our belief in love.

Life is supposed to be easy
and when it is not
our bodies cry out
“dis ease!”

It begins small at first
an ache here
a mild discomfort there

But it begins to grow

Just waiting for you to notice
waiting for you
to do something
different from how
or what
you’ve been doing
that caused it to show up
in the first place

But you continue to ignore it
you’re too busy
you have
other things to do

Until one day
you can ignore it no longer
for it is now forcing you to stop
in the form of cancer
or some other

It forces you

Stand Still
Take Inventory
Overcome Obstacles
and discover your

Failure to do so
could result in death
or at the very least
a long life of pain
and suffering

Some people say my words are too harsh
too shocking
but I think they need to be

From my own experience
and from what I see in the world
there are far too many people
who are on the road to killing themselves
through suicide

or  by making themselves sick
so they can tell themselves
“I didn’t do this to myself
it just happened to me”

Sometimes truth
can be uglier than a lie

But the good news is
love never fails
it is patient
it is kind

Love bears all things
believes in all things
hopes all things
endures all things

– 1 Corinthians 13

The simple
yet complex cure to all of our illnesses
is love

Life is meant to be easy
but when it is not
our bodies cry out
“dis ease!”

It is up to us to hear the message

We can do this by stopping what we’re currently doing
which is ignoring our authentic self
or in worst case scenarios
participating in self loathing

We can over come these obstacles
by discovering our purpose
by returning to

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