DREAM of an Ideal summer

czech republic graffiti
czech republic graffiti

This week’s topic is
how to have an idea summer
as much as possible

The nemonic device for this lesson is:

So far we’ve covered the D
which stands for dream

Make a dream list
of what you want your summer to look like


Compare your dream list
to your reality

In a video I posted yesterday
I suggested creating a schedule, or schedules
that would try to have your dream list
and your reality list
match as close as possible

Today, I want you to Evaluate your lists
and your schedule(s)
and ask yourself
do they have balance?

Ask yourself the following questions:

Have you scheduled at least 15-20 minutes of quite time for just yourself each day? This time could be used to visualize what you would like your day to look like and reflect upon the good things that happened the day before.
Have you scheduled in time to take care of yourself and any others you may be in relationship with? This could be time to eat healthy, exercise, take care of household chores, etc.?
Have you scheduled in time for the relationships that are the most important to you, including the relationship you have with yourself?
Have you scheduled in time to do the things that most excite you and make you feel alive?

After reading the list of questions
and perhaps coming up with a few of your own
A – Adjust your schedule as needed

Then M – Make it happen
start trying to live your days
as closely to your schedule as possible
using tools such as an iPhone alarm as a reminder
while at the same time
be flexible if it doesn’t go 100% according to plan

new habits and schedules take at least 20 days
or much more
for old habits to become new ones

D – Dream
R – make it a Reality
E – Evaluate it for balance
A – Adjust as needed
M – Make it happen

Join me tomorrow as I discuss
E – Evaluating how your progress is going and
R – reflecting upon what did and did not happen

Until tomorrow
keep looking for inspiration
and illuminate what you find to everyone you meet!

Peace and Blessings!

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