Ideal Summer vs. Reality

Ben Heine Photography
Ben Heine Photography

Yesterday I asked you to write down
what your ideal summer
would look like

I also said
I’d write down mine
which I did

In the past
my ideal summer
would include:

Waking up when I want
and just seeing what
and where
the day would bring me

But this summer
I have a dream
I have a goal

And my ideal summer
will be about getting me closer and closer
to that dream and goal

I imagine waking up at the same time each morning
that I do now

Doing the same thing each morning
that I do now: write and reflect and post it on Inspire

Then I imagine
cooking breakfast for my boys

It’s not an obligation
I like cooking
I like feeding people

Perhaps I’d even go to my Pinterest page
see what sounds good that day
and actually use some of those recipes I’ve pinned

Then Monday through Friday
my fourteen year old and I would work on the business
from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

my family and I would eat lunch together
because we never get to during the school year

My afternoons I’d devote to spending with my six year old
he wants to be a youtube personality
so we’ve come up with Kai’s cooking, crafts, and adventures

Dinner would roll around
perhaps this time we would just eat healthy snacks
around the TV chillin’ out
or use this time to go wherever the wind takes us

Friday’s I’ll use to write my novel
Saturdays still for chores
Sundays still for church

And let’s not forget travel!
the summer
to me
is nothing
without the beach

Summer in Minnesota
time spent with extended family
without going crazy
especially around five young children
now that would be

I am going to take my dream summer
and compare it to reality
and as I walk though my own exercise
I want you to do the same with your dream summer and your own reality

I can actually wake up at the same time each morning
as I’ve made going to bed and getting up at the same time a discipline
which I’ve had time to perfect over the last three years

I think I can actually cook breakfast for my boys

Also, if I develop the discipline of saying
“we are eating lunch together at this time at the table”
I think I can make lunch happen too

I think I am going to have to be flexible in the afternoon
my six-year old has superhuman hearing

he can hear any kid’s voice that he knows
who may be playing outside
even from the deepest parts of our home

He is social
so he may want to hang with his friends
rather than me

I’ll either have to develop that flexibility I’ve been talking about
or just say “we’re doing our thing first
then you can go play with your friends”
we’ll just have to see how that goes

I think I can use my Fridays for my novel
as long as I stick with my schedule
and I’ve already developed the discipline for the weekends
so I think I can actually make that happen

The glitch will be when we travel
will I still be able to keep up the schedule and discipline
while we’re around family and while were in a new environment?

And how many days am I willing to give up the schedule
so that I can spend time with family?

And the way to not go crazy around kids
is to schedule events and things to do
that will keep them and me busy

now you try
compare your dream summer
with your reality

What steps do you need to take
in order to get the two to match
as closely as possible?

And if you need some tips
stay tuned this evening
as I’ll post a video
on how you can do just that

Until then

Keep seeking inspiration
and illuminate what you find
with all those around you

Peace and Blessings!

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