Stop, Drop, and Roll!


I am going to share a little secret with you
I plan what I am going to write at least
one to two weeks
in advanced

And when I was planning the whole
Road Construction series
I thought I had enough material
to last two weeks

But there’s another secrete:
I don’t come up with the topics
they come to me from Spirit
during meditation

I believe Spirit speaks to spiritual leaders and teachers
based upon a hurt or a prayer it has heard
from others within the collective consciousness

That teacher then
provides the “hands and feet”
the voice
the lesson
that someone some where needs to hear
in order to help heal

I’ve talked about how we need to look around
and really assess what we see in our physical environment
for I contended that what we see reflected outside of ourselves
is what we are creating inside of ourselves

In addition to road construction being apparent in my life
I’ve also been learning techniques on how to heal myself
and others
at the deepest level—the subconscious or cellular level

So when I woke up this morning to sit down to write
“how to protect your new road like you would a new-born baby”
I got nothin’

Creativity comes from forming a deep connection to Spirit
who flows through you
as you write, sing, paint, cook, fill in your own blank

It also comes from being open to what Spirit wants to share
rather than sharing what you think others want to hear
rather than speaking

there must be a lot of prayers out there
who want to heal from chronic physical pain
and/or deep set emotional trauma

Therefore this week’s lesson will be to teach people
how to Stop, Drop, and ROLL
another good metaphor for a technique you can use
when your life has seemed to catch on fire

Join me tomorrow as I talk about how to conduct a pre-assessment
Tuesday I’ll discuss dousing
Wednesday I’ll discuss releasing old programs
Thursday we’ll order our bodies to heal
Friday we’ll learn how to lean on the rainbow for help
Saturday I’ll post a video showing the techniques I’ve discussed over the week
and have you conduct your own post assessment

Until then
keep searching for inspiration
and illuminate what you find
to everyone!

Peace and blessings!

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